About the Designer/Team

Being ambitious yet creative, passionate and persuasive is what accurately describes Ms. Aayuushi Agarwal, the founder and chief designer of Aakar Intimates. Her unadulterated passion for design and aesthetics and creative approach to her work that makes her a woman of substance and this therefore has earned her respect and recognition in the early years of her professional life.

A graduate from one of the most reputed institute of design, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Kolkata, Aayuushi always had a penchant for performance which naturally helped her to bag The Best Graduation Project Award for her collection, ‘Tale through the moon’ in the year 2016.

However, not succumbing to monotony Aayushi continued working for one of the best designers on the field of intimate wear, Suman Nathwani, in order to decipher the way the industry works and learning just the perfect nuances. Henceforth taking her babystep towards building a platform which is a culmination of class and composition. The lady who is also well travelled has a way of adding elements of design that runs much deeper than just design meeting the eye, it's her experiences and originality that she so perfectly mixes which makes her work stand out of the madding crowd. Subtle yet sensuous, detailed yet minimal, is her brand's approach. And so her brand ensures that each and every design is a treat for the eyes of the people it's catering to with just the right amount of functionality. She has always enthralled her customers with unconventional designs and unprecedented comfort and will keep doing so. Being a designer who finds perfection even in flaws and has been blessed with a gift of providing something unique with or without the avidity of appreciation.

Aayushi is innovative as well as ingenious in her eclectic designs and this is what keeps Aakar Intimates far ahead of other contemporary lingerie brands in India.

With a brilliant eye for colours and a graceful taste of fabrics, Aayuushi had always motivated the team of designers at Aakar Intimates to deliver handcrafted luxury in terms of lingerie, sleepwear and bridal trousseau with utmost care and customization which enhances comfort and adds sensuality to every body type.

Nevertheless, Aayuushi also has a good sense of trend forecasting in both designing silhouttes and studying surfaces which ensures that her brand is at par with the latest trends and that nothing goes wary when it comes to keeping ahead. She looks upon her father as her icon & his humility and wishes to be a self-made woman just like him. Well it shouldn't really come as a surprise that she is born a leader, an enthusiast thus naturally making her the driving force of the organisation. She has got a team of brilliant young and like minded people who, just like her, love to work for a purpose greater than design. Her team is more of a family than merely a group and is thriving with young, enthusiastic and dedicated people. Blessed with a keen spirit of learning more and contributing something dynamic to the fashion industry and with a vision of that is clear and focused, Aayuushi always accomplishes her passion and dreams with great poise and élan

Under the excellent guidance and support provided by Ms. Agarwal, Aakar Intimates is determined to be a brand of ultimate delight for the smart, sensual and stunning women of the 21st century. And, to bring this to reality, she is devoting most of her time in the crucial and decisive activities of the brand. Envisioned by Aayushi getting into the international market through B2B companies, both online and offline and earning flagships in the Indian metropolitan cities are currently the growth plans to be achieved by Aakar Intimates in the next five years.

Aayuushi Agarwal